Buying a Home in Chicago? Then You Are Calling The Shots

If you’re thinking of buying a home in Chicago, then you have more control than you realize, according to recent data from, which recently pegged the metro Chicago market as the best in the nation — from a buyer’s perspective.

Buying a home in Chicago

Stan Humphries, the real estate website’s chief economist, states, “the Metro area is number one among 142 cities that were studied.”

If you are a buyer in Chicago, you will find yourself in a strong bargaining position relative to sellers. Buyers should feel more confident about offering less than the asking price of a home. In a buyer’s market, homes stay on the market longer, sellers cut their prices more often, and homes sell for less, relative to their listing price.  In these situations, buyers have more negotiating power.

Buying a home in Chicago in 2013 will give you the negotiating powers that you need to make sure that you find the home that you are looking for. The markets change rapidly, so if you wait too long, this could change. Begin your search today and bargain your way into your dream home.

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