Our Team Philosophy

Select A Fee Real Estate System & Rentals is a group of Professionals agents that like the latitude to offer the best and unique service to their clients. George Ayling Managing Broker/Owner Says ” I’ve worked for 4 Companies in my 39 plus years in the real estate business and I have been frustrated by some of the companies attitudes and their non flexibility on helping clients where it’s Seller or Buyer. I put together an environment were our team can be flexible as needed to assist our sellers and buyers. Times of changed and so has the way the real estate business evolved. Trying to do business like they did 30 years ago is crazy.  One of the biggest problems I see in our business is even thought Dual Agency is allowed most agents don’t explain it correctly and most of the public doesn’t under stand it. It’s pretty simple One person works with the buyer and seller in the same transaction. The agent can’t tell the buyer the lowest price the seller is willing to go and the agent can’t tell seller

Sellers and Buyers don’t want to be told what to do they are looking for partners to help them do the best for themselves and their families. They are looking for people to give them market information and statistics and other important information they might not have access to and with that they can make decisions.  People where selling or buying don’t use the old ways of newspapers. They are Internet savvy, they want quick communications where email, cell phone or text. They expect service and want to be responded to in a reasonable time. If you are looking at getting into real estate or proven professional please contact us about opportunities with our Team.  You can call George at 312.421.1000 or email [email protected] for a time to chat.