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Rental Listing Contracts, Disclosures, Chicago and Suburban Leases

After choosing the rental listing program that best suits your needs:


Please print and fully complete the contract of your choice, with all applicable disclosure forms (or use a pdf converter to complete each form on your computer). Make sure that all legal owners sign and date each disclosure, as well as the agreement.

MLS Listing Data:

If the property had been previously listed for lease on the MLS, we may be able to pull up the old listing to assist with the data entry. If not, the lessor must fully complete the Rental MLS Listing Form. Please include a description of the property (420 characters maximum – including spaces).

If applicable, please include the name of the property’s management company as well as the name and phone number of the contact person there. You will need to include the Rules & Regulations for your condo or town home complex. Please make us aware if ‘For Rent’ signs and/or lockboxes are allowed. You will also need to indicate any storage or parking space number. Please include information regarding any move-in fees required. If pets are allowed, we need to know if both cats and dogs are acceptable; plus any weight, size, or breed restrictions.

If it is your responsibility to handle the showings, your name and cell phone number will be indicated on the MLS. Showing agents will contact you to show the property. If SELECT A FEE REAL ESTATE SYSTEM & RENTALS™ is responsible to handle the showings, it’s important that we have a complete set of keys (including fobs) for showing other areas of the building such as workout facilities, etc.

We will e-mail the draft of your rental listing for your review and approval. After we receive the signed approval, we will activate the rental listing in the MLS.


Property photos may be placed on the MLS (24), Chicago Tribune.com (24), and Realtor.com (36), to promote the rental property to potential tenants. Please e-mail photos to Info@selectafee.com including the property address in the subject line. We can only accept 5” x 7” or 4” x 6” photos in jpeg format. Please send photos 2 or 3 at a time for easy transmission.

All photos are to be taken by the seller and that no photos from the previous listing can be used because of copyright or ownership issues. Supplier is responsible for any fines that arise out of copyright issues.

Payment options:

  • If you are paying by credit card, please enter your card information at the bottom of the agreement (with the exception of the ‘Exclusive Right to Sell’ Agreement). E-mail all documents to info@selectafee.com, entering the property address in the subject line, or fax to (312) 421-3357. Please call to confirm receipt.

  • If you are paying by check, you can either mail all of the documents (including your check); OR you can e-mail or fax all the documents, and then mail your check (include applicable property address) to:


932 W. Madison Street, Chicago, IL 60607

Upon receipt of all completed information and applicable payment, your listing will be promptly posted to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Listings will be posted within 24 hours during weekdays (up to noon on Fridays). If received on the weekend, the listing will be posted the next business day.

If you have any questions, please call us at (312) 421-1000 or toll-free at (888) 800-9555.


Exclusive Marketing Agreement.pdf

Rental Application & Credit Authorization
MLS Rental Input Form.pdf
Appointment Sheet.pdf
Lead Based Paint Disclosure – Rentals.pdf (for properties built prior to 1978)
Lead Based Paint Brochure.pdf
Radon Disclosure.pdf
Radon Pamphlet.pdf
Tenant Agency Non Exclusive
Bed Bug Pamplet.pdf (Chicago properties only)

2017 Chicago lease-lead-radon-bed bug.pdf
Crime-Free Lease Addendum


Residential Suburban Lease.pdf

lease for 2015-2016.pdf

Home Status Report

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