REO Properties in Bucktown

With a booming culture stemming from an artistic movement in the late 20th century, Bucktown has developed into a hub for young professionals. This movement has given rise to many trendy restaurants and taverns that have sprung up in the area. With all these young professionals occupying the houses, businesses started to flock to Bucktown. The city now hosts the great shopping district Damen Avenue as well as upscale residential buildings to satisfy Bucktown’s newest residents. All this has driven up the property value of Bucktown, and for this reason people are looking for great deals buying REO properties in Bucktown.

Here are some of the pros of buying REO properties in Bucktown:

  • Banks that own REO properties are typically willing to take less money than what the house is actually worth in order to sell the house.
  • The process of buying REO properties takes less time than your average house buying process.
  • Banks usually offer lower interest rates for REO properties.
  • In some cases, you can even negotiate on the price of the home.
  • Due to misconceptions others have of REO properties there is less competition looking to buy these homes.

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you know now, why wouldn’t you want to buy REO properties in Bucktown? The only thing to do now is to contact an experienced real estate agent that works in REO properties. With the assistance of a real estate agent you will be able to get the best deal available. Invest in a beautiful home with an even better neighborhood. Invest in REO properties in Bucktown.

If you are interested in the many amazing REO properties in Bucktown, contact us. We have the experience necessary to help you get the house you want at the price you need.

Buying a Home in Bucktown

If you’re thinking about buying

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a home in Bucktown, you’ve picked a great time to do so! The average price of homes for sale in the area has been coming down over the past couple of months. That means you have a little more wiggle room in your budget! But don’t get too comfortable – each home is spending less and less time on the market as time progresses. That means that those “for sale” signs are coming down in record time! But don’t worry – if you get in touch with a great agent, you can streamline your search according to your priorities and find a great home in record time. If you want to take advantage of this dip in prices, you should get started with the search right away!

If you’re thinking about buying a home in Bucktown, you should definitely consider this great listing.

Buying a Home in Bucktown

There’s a beautiful 2 bedroom 2 bathroom home in this gorgeous elevator building! This home features custom wood finishes throughout the home and hardwood floors. This home also includes custom HD window treatments and wood blinds in the bedrooms. The kitchen includes stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, and a slate backsplash. There’s also a new bath and kitchen faucets, newly replaced carpet in the bedrooms, a 50 gallon water heater, and a stone vanity in the guest bath. Enjoy beautiful views from the large balcony!

If you’re interested in this home, or if you’re thinking about buying a home in Bucktown, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I can answer any questions that you may have about buying a home in Bucktown! Call, email, or register online today.

Short Sales in Chicago: Your New Home

A great opportunity in the short sales in Chicago

short sale in chicago

What is the great opportunity in the short sales in Chicago? They are a great opportunity to find a great home for a great price!

A short sales happen when a bank agrees to a lower pay out than what the load is worth. Home value is a key factor in a short sales, because they only happen if the home value is worth more than the loan. When a short sale is the case, then this is where potential buyers have the opportunity to buy a home for less than what they could have if it was sold at market value.

There are many opportunities in the short sales in Chicago, but before action is taken on a short sale, consult a real estate expert! The righ real estate expert should have qualifying experience with short sales in Chicago.

Are the Short Sales in Chicago what you are looking for??

Contact me and let’s discuss the opportunities you have in short sales in Chicago. Consider a short sale for your next home, there are many great listings available and one of them could be your new home.

Buying a Home in Chicago? Then You Are Calling The Shots

If you’re thinking of buying a home in Chicago, then you have more control than you realize, according to recent data from, which recently pegged the metro Chicago market as the best in the nation — from a buyer’s perspective.

Buying a home in Chicago

Stan Humphries, the real estate website’s chief economist, states, “the Metro area is number one among 142 cities that were studied.”

If you are a buyer in Chicago, you will find yourself in a strong bargaining position relative to sellers. Buyers should feel more confident about offering less than the asking price of a home. In a buyer’s market, homes stay on the market longer, sellers cut their prices more often, and homes sell for less, relative to their listing price.  In these situations, buyers have more negotiating power.

Buying a home in Chicago in 2013 will give you the negotiating powers that you need to make sure that you find the home that you are looking for. The markets change rapidly, so if you wait too long, this could change. Begin your search today and bargain your way into your dream home.

I am here to assure the best customer service possible to my clients. If you are interested in buying a home in Chicago, Contact me. I want to help you every step of the way.

Buying a New Home Doesn't Need to Cost More than an Apartment

Are you thinking about buying your own home? If so, there are several great benefits in doing so. If you’re someone that is settled and doesn’t plan on moving anytime soon, here are three ways you can benefit in becoming a home owner.

Three Benefits to Owning Your Own Home

No wasted money: When you rent from someone, whether it be an apartment or a home, you’re giving them money to pay off their mortgage. What this means is, when you move out, you don’t have anything. When you get a home of your own, you don’t have to spend a ton of money, but instead get one within your price range and one that’s in your name and you’re paying off.

Design your own home: It’s a great feeling to be able to come back to your home and be able to design what your whole house looks like. From being able to paint the walls your favorite color, to being able to pick out your appliances, it’s only what you want.

Do your own landscaping: Another great perk of owning a home instead of renting something such as an apartment is the fact that you have a yard and you’re able to landscape it yourself.

As you can see, there are some great benefits to becoming a home owner. Between putting your hard earned money toward your own mortgage instead of someone else’s and being able to customize your home the way you want it, it’s worth it in the long run.

Coming Home to a Sound Investment – The Benefit of Buying a Home

While renting can be useful for some financial situations, owning a home provides great benefits to you and, ultimately, your financial well-being.

1. Control your space. Use a spare bedroom for your own home office. Create a workout area in the garage. You own the home, you make the rules.

2. Pride of Ownership. When you own something you tend to take better care of it. A home is no different. Cutting your lawn, creating a garden, or just making improvements on the weekends becomes a thing of joy.

3. Stability. When you purchase a home with a fixed interest rate mortgage, you don’t have to worry about surprises in your monthly payment. Month after month, you know what your payments are going to be. Renters don’t have that luxury. At the end of the lease, they have to be concerned about rent increases and possibly having to move.

4. Home Equity and Price Appreciation. Over time, as you build equity in your home, you may even have a home is that is more valuable than what you paid for it.

5. When you own a home, you own an asset. After living in a home, you are often rewarded with thousands of dollars of appreciation, whereas a rental only returns your security deposit!

So, while owning a home can take some work (and money), it is something you are likely to thank yourself for–both years down the road, and after you move in.