Investment Opportunity: Buy a Home in Chicago and get two

This is a great opportunity for an investor to buy a home in Chicago and turn it around. You can easily turn this trash into treasure and make a mint. This home is very cute and is loaded with potential for the right person for the job. This is a packaged deal because this home is being sold with another home located at 11319 S Eggleston. The full package is just $20K. Even after the work that needs to be done, this is still one steal of a deal. This is not a banked owned property, so there is not dealing with banks. It is just you and your two beautiful homes that are full of potential.

buy a home in Chicago

This home is a true gem that deserves your attention. This is a great market for buying fixer uppers because there is such low inventory for homes. With the high demand of homes and low inventory, with the added bonus of rising prices, you

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would be crazy to not take advantage of this investment. You can easily fix these homes up and sell them, or rent them out. Either way, you will make your money back, plus some in no time! This 3-bedroom 1-bath home has 1,500 square feet of potential that you can renovate and then provide a great home for a happy family. Don’t pass up on this 2 for 1 investment.

Call me today if you are interested in learning more about this property. If you want to buy a home in Chicago, this is the time to invest. I want to help you find the best home option for your dollar. Call, or register online today, and let’s talk about investing in this property.

Coming Home to a Sound Investment – The Benefit of Buying a Home

While renting can be useful for some financial situations, owning a home provides great benefits to you and, ultimately, your financial well-being.

1. Control your space. Use a spare bedroom for your own home office. Create a workout area in the garage. You own the home, you make the rules.

2. Pride of Ownership. When you own something you tend to take better care of it. A home is no different. Cutting your lawn, creating a garden, or just making improvements on the weekends becomes a thing of joy.

3. Stability. When you purchase a home with a fixed interest rate mortgage, you don’t have to worry about surprises in your monthly payment. Month after month, you know what your payments are going to be. Renters don’t have that luxury. At the end of the lease, they have to be concerned about rent increases and possibly having to move.

4. Home Equity and Price Appreciation. Over time, as you build equity in your home, you may even have a home is that is more valuable than what you paid for it.

5. When you own a home, you own an asset. After living in a home, you are often rewarded with thousands of dollars of appreciation, whereas a rental only returns your security deposit!

So, while owning a home can take some work (and money), it is something you are likely to thank yourself for–both years down the road, and after you move in.