About Us

Select A Fee Real Estate System and RentalsTM is the culmination of 30+ years of Real Estate sales experience, coupled with what I saw as a vision for the future in real estate. The Select A Fee Real Estate System and RentalsTM has proven to be a better, more efficient way to sell your home. You pay a set fee for the services you feel you need and most importantly the seller save thousands of commission dollars.

During the past few years, the average time a seller has had their home on the market has been reduced to 45 days! Sometimes, it is as short as 30 days NOW that the market has changed it even makes more sense to Select A Fee Real Estate System. Real Estate Listing Agents work an average of 10 to 12 hours to sell your home. Listing agents cannot force your home to sell. All listing agents can do is place you in the MLS, take some pictures, write a description about your property and place some ads in the newspaper and then sit back and wait for someone to sell your home. HERE IS THE FACTS! For years the numbers haven’t changed 85% of the time when a property is SOLD in the MLS it’s almost always SOLD by the co-operating agent not the listing agent. So why are YOU having to pay to much in commission just to place your home in the MLS. Pivotal in this change is the ease of access to the Multiple Listing Service TM (MLS) and other Real Estate sites via the Internet.

This experience led me to develop a Fee-for-Service Real Estate System, this system allows the client to choose their own desired level of service, and associated fee.

Starting with the client looking for a full service broker, or the “do-it-yourself” customer just wanting their house put on the MLS, we offer it all for a reasonable fee. Our marketing concept is unique because we offer a full service program just like traditional company for a flat fee of $995 not 4-5-6% commissions like other company’s charge. Now because of the slow market conditions some agents are now requesting even more commissions than before.

Our Select A Fee Real Estate System and RentalsTM saves sellers and average of $6800 dollars, plus Sellers may even save more money if they find their own buyer. Unlike traditional real estate listing contracts, Sellers signing a Select A Fee System agreement retain the right to sell their home themselves and not have to pay any commission at all.

Have we been successful?

From our inception in 2000 Select A Fee Real Estate System has over 3000+ satisfied clients and has sold more than $500,000,000+ worth of real estate, saving sellers more than $10,500,000 in commissions.

Is experience really that important?

Over half of the 40,000 agents in the market place today haven’t been in the business for 10 years. Most of which enjoyed the good times and are now befuddled by what’s happening in the market. Market time is 60-120 days, inventory has almost doubled in the last couple of months, prices have fallen to the range of 2002 and buyers have stepped to side lines waiting for prices to fall and interest rates to come down. Newer agents don’t know how to prospect to buyers today or how to make their help their client’s property look better than everyone else.

Have you heard this said before? “Don’t walk over Dollars to try and save pennies”

Not all Flat fee or Fee for Service companies are the same!!

Since the inception of the “Fee for Service” or sometimes known as “Flat Fee Service” concept, many companies have entered this type of business, but most have never been in the Real Estate business and have little knowledge about the ins and outs of the industry. Unfortunately, most of these companies put more emphasis on being the lowest price, rather than the most experienced. We have seen sellers go for the lowest price to list their properties, only to lose thousands of dollars on the net value of their home, because the company they chose lacked the necessary experience in the Real Estate profession. Too often these companies are more interested on getting the deal done, instead of what is in the best interest of the seller.

This is how a professional “Fee for Service” works.

In most states (including Illinois), states now require a minimum level of service from “Fee for Service” companies, which includes Contract Negotiations. That means the company is to receive a contract on behalf of the Seller, forward it to the seller and then communicate responses with the buyers agent until the deal is complete or negotiations fail. Unfortunately, from what we see, most companies receive the contract, forward it to the seller and that’s the total involvement on their part. This leaves the seller to fend for themselves without professional counseling and advice on how to get top dollar for their home. Most Flat fee companies have no experience when it comes to negotiating. More importantly, they have never experienced what’s happening in this type of market in order to give good professional advice or alternative ways of selling a property.

Select A Fee’s owner has 39 years experience in real estate and has survived 3 major real estate market down turns. Select A Fee Real Estate System and RentalsTM has been involved in every type of transaction imaginable in the last several years. This type of professional experience is what today’s seller needs to guide them through this tough and frustrating market. (to guide them through these tough and frustrating times.) If you are looking to save money on selling your property and still want to get the most money for your property in a down market, let Select A Fee Real Estate SystemTM use their proven professional skills and market knowledge to work for you.

Select A Fee Real Estate System and RentalsTM has proven techniques, experience and the know how to get our clients property sold. We have a success rate of 85% of everything we list sells. That’s not just one year but for many years. And we are more than happy to supply a list of satisfied clients for your to contact. To find out about your specific market time, sale versus sold comparables  in this market and how we can help you. Contact us at 312-421-1000 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.